Thursday, June 21, 2012

Resort near Novaliches

If your living within Novaliches Quezon City and your looking for a resort that's not so far.

You may try to go to Remedios Royal Resort located in Kingspoint, Novaliches Quezon City. Why do I recommend this place, well the entrance fee is not expensive it's only Php 200 and it is near for us peeps located in Nova. At first, I was hesitant kasi nga I haven't seen the place however when I went there sabi ko "it looks good, i can live here chos" but joking aside maganda siya.

As you can see this image, the pool is a quite large than others. It has two mini circle pools that has fountain in it, but at this time it wasn't open yet.

One good thing is you don't need to pay for the umbrella stands with chair because it's free :) yey! However if you want to occupy the so called nipa hut you may as well and I think it costs Php 300. There are rooms that you may rent and a private pool. I really recommend this place and hope y'all visit this soon but not now since it's rainy season..

Visit this link to locate Remedios Royale Resort:


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  2. If I rent a room will it cover the entrance fee as well?

  3. kindly put your contact details for Remedios royale resort inquiries, kanina pa ko naghahanap ng makakausap either call or text, even sa fb, i cant send a message..